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Podi & Poriyal

Nutritional choices are influenced by culture and
exemplify the context and choices that communities
have to make when determining how to live their lives.
Our cultural offering around nutrition, specializes in
serving authentic South Indian vegetarian cuisine!
We provide a truly wholesome culinary experience,
painstakingly prepared to evoke memories, to create
discovery and to highlight the cultural intersections
that the same food has across the region.

The stylized menu finds its roots in quintessential
heirloom foods from across South India, meticulously
crafted with the highest quality ingredients and
methodology. We serve an assortment of homely meals
and snacks with a penchant for re-establishing long
forgotten or rarely found South Indian recipes and

Patrons who walk into Podi & Poriyal can expect a
curated culinary experience, with ample nourishment
for the body, mind and soul and we hope that will keep
you coming back for more!!

P&P Bar

Inspired by a desire to offer exclusive beverage
options that originate in Southern India, our bar
is a destination to create stories. Not only will you
be regaled by the stories that surround our curated
Indian cocktails and mocktails, but you will
also create stories through your own experiences.
We’d love to hear your stories too!

We have taken the effort to hunt high and low for
some of the most unique, inspired and ingenious
ingredients, combining themes of sustainability and
paired with the food we serve at Podi & Poriyal.

We won’t say more. You’ll have to come and
experience this! 

Address: 486A Serangoon Rd, Level 2, Singapore 218151

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