About Us

Arpanam Pte Ltd is a social enterprise, started by the Nadathur family in Singapore. At Arpanam, we aim to serve as a thriving community platform for the discovery, interpretation and dissemination of South Indian culture, in a way that is adapted for and appeals to current and future generations. Arpanam is a social venture, with all profits redirected back to society, thereby enabling and supporting local artisans and cultural programs in the myriad ways possible.

Our Vision


To explore, promote & celebrate new ideas & innovations in South Indian culture

Towards this Vision, we have set ourselves up as a ‘Social Venture’. Any profit we make will go towards supporting the broader community in Singapore.

Such support may take different forms – We may help promote new, young upcoming artists, or may undertake efforts to renew a particular art form – in line with our Vision towards exploring & celebrating South Indian Culture. At other times, we may support the community in other ways as may be needed - For instance, during this COVID times, we have supported the migrant laborers community by providing them with food.

Our Mission


To present intimate & authentic experiences of South Indian culture to a thriving community of culture enthusiasts.

We aim to achieve this Mission through the following ways:

Run curated events on a regular basis that showcase both conventional, well known art forms such as music or visual arts, as well as lesser-known art forms such as story telling (Hari Katha, Kathaiyum Paattum, Kathakalakshepa etc.), topical debates (Patti Mandram) and more.

Conduct workshops for our patrons to learn from artists & craftsman, in an intimate, easy, friendly and highly interactive setting. Doing is the best form of imbibing!


Local artisans, Cultural programs and Curated experiences.
A community platform for the discovery, interpretation of South Indian culture.

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